jim berry

They get it !

By Jim Berry http://www.jimberrysports.com Two Miami Heat events this weekend re-affirmed what I have felt for some time.  When it comes to great PR, no sports team in South Florida gets it like the Heat. Thursday, the team played an intra-squad scrimmage on the American Airlines arena floor and let season ticket holders come watch.  I know fans feel a little basketball-starved because of the lockout, but I was surprised to see thousands of folks turn out.   When the players were introduced, []


It wasn’t what he was saying. It was how he was saying it. Tony Sparano’s deflated tone in his post-game press conference carried with it an air of resignation.  The conventional thinking is that Sparano HAD to run the table to have a chance to keep his job.  He didn’t.  Its almost as if he knew it was win or else. That might explain some of his coaching decisions during that loss to the Eagles. He gambled that Dan Carpenter could boot []