(video) lower body workout with Andrea

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2xzcpDgbag Work legs and gluteal muscles, helps obtain that round buttocks we all love. With Andrea Calle at Amp Fitness Pembroke Pines Fl Please Follow Us- Facebook- @Andreacalletv Instagram- @Andreacalletv Twitter- @Andreacalletv Snapchat- @Andreacallecorp Pinterest- @Andreacalletv Youtube- @Andreacalletv Blog- http://www.andreacalleblog.com/ PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG, THANK YOU!!

(video) Glutes and legs workout with Andrea Calle

(video) Outside Tire workout with Andrea Calle

using tires, to exercise your core, shoulders, arms, and gluts, with TV and radio Personality Andrea Calle

(video) full body workout using balancing board


(video) Andrea calle workout blooper

(video) Andrea Calle sexy legs workout with ankle bands at AMP Fitness, Pembroke Pines

(video) Shape your Lower body exercises

Hams and Gluts exercises, that will help you shape your lower body

WEEKLY JOURNAL: treadmill walking lunges

Seven (7) weeks out to competition day, one of my main goal is to increase the muscle mass on my lower body, while leaning my upper body. One of the exercises I feel have make a big difference in my training has been the treadmill walking lunges. New body architects and Andrea Calle have created … Continue reading WEEKLY JOURNAL: treadmill walking lunges

Exercise of the Week: Bottom end squats

https://youtu.be/MdHc2pJ-TQE @ANDREACALLEcorp