(video) Upper body workout with bands

Andrea Calle Radio and TV broadcaster, fitness competitor and Fitness model, shows you an upper body routine, using just bands

(Video) Triceps and Shoulders


(Video) Quads exercises!!

Quad exercises, 3 sets per exercises, minimum 10 repetitions per set, if you are looking to grow, make sure to challenge yourself with weights (if weight is right shouldn't be able to do more than 10-12 reps/set)  

(Images) Amazing Photoshoot by OctopuStudios with Andrea Calle

(images) 2013 NPC Europa Show of Champions: Andrea Calle

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(Images) Behind the scenes: Andrea Calle Fitness photo shoot photographer Karttos Studio, MUA Kornika Makeup

How to take your fitness to the next level

Many years ago before I decided to get involved in body building, I needed to make some important decisions on how I was going to make it all happen. I needed to set some goals, and figure out a few things. This quote always comes to mind when it is time to set goals "a goal … Continue reading How to take your fitness to the next level