(video) Glutes and legs workout with Andrea Calle

(video) Outside Tire workout with Andrea Calle

using tires, to exercise your core, shoulders, arms, and gluts, with TV and radio Personality Andrea Calle

Andrea Calle’s Awesome Booty Twist

I know soccer isn’t nearly as big in the US as it is in the rest of the world, but I have a feeling it’d be a lot bigger if we knew soccer fans looked like this. Because here’s MMA reporter and Colombian hottie Andrea Calle showing off her support for her home country by … Continue reading Andrea Calle’s Awesome Booty Twist

Latinos vs Europeans.. more for this 2014 world cup

(images) Andrea Calle makes international news

Paparazzi shots by Splash news

(video) Europa Show of Champions NPC Backstage Interview: Andrea Calle

Former UFC reality star fights for Colombian orphans

A one-time reality show contestant on The Ultimate Fighter show will hold a workshop Sunday to raise money for a struggling orphanage in South America. Mixed marital artist Jeremy May with Colombian orphan children at Promise Land in 2010. May is hosting a mixed martial arts seminar next week to raise funds to benefit the … Continue reading Former UFC reality star fights for Colombian orphans