(images) more UFC 153: Weight-ins, Open workout

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(images) UFC 153: open workouts

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Fighting For Brazil!!! Chris Camozzi

Fighting For Brazil Posted by Chris Camozzi Hey Guys, Several weeks ago, when my manager, Jason Genet, called me with the fight offer for 153, I had a rush of thoughts about how far and fast my career had come. I was grateful for the opportunity and told my manager how I felt. He said … Continue reading Fighting For Brazil!!! Chris Camozzi

El Octagono reporter Andrea Calle in Brazil!!

Anderson Silva: I plan to fight for 10 more years

by sportv.globo.com In a recent interview with the Brazilian language SporTV, UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva covered  a wide variety of topics. SportTV: The opening of his film shows a scene where Bruce Lee explains that the fighter has to behave like water, shaping up to the fence. He had great influence on his professional and personal life? … Continue reading Anderson Silva: I plan to fight for 10 more years

José Aldo retiene en su patio de atrás

Por: Esteban Tomé Fuentes/Escritor UFCLatino El campeón de peso pluma del UFC, José Aldo, retuvo su título de manera enfática en su tierra natal y frente a una afición sumamente exaltada por tal acontecimiento. Su debut en una cartelera principal no podía haber sido más auspicioso. El brasileño puso fin al invicto del norteamericano Chad … Continue reading José Aldo retiene en su patio de atrás