Mederma Cold Sore Patch Winter season is here and #coldsores come with it as well. How horrible are those healing creams that make it impossible to make the cold sores discreet?! Well, @medermaofficial has the solution… a hydrocolloid gel healing patch that can be worn under your makeup as well as under our newest accessory, the facemask, and … Continue reading Mederma Cold Sore Patch

The perfect acne kit FDA approve Dr. developed The complete acne kit we have all been waiting for. @ardislabs is the first and only FDA approved acne kit that treats your acne problem from the inside out and was developed by Dr. Ardis. It is a complete system that comes with a supplement, face cleanser, and acne treatment. If you have acne … Continue reading The perfect acne kit FDA approve Dr. developed

Best blow-dryer ever Revlon 2in1 review Love this blow-dryer from Revlon, cuts my blow-drying time in half, leaves my hair with volume and shiny. Super recommend it you can purchase it on my online store as well as all of the other products I use

Makeup drawer organizer

these foam organizers from polar whale, they come in different layouts. They are compatible with Ikea Alex and hundreds of other drawers. You can get different trays and combos just visit my Amazon store link where you can find the different options and other great products that I use

Hydrating treatment with hyaluronic acid and micro needling

Hydrating Treatment with Hyaluronic acid and micro needling

micro needling with nano needles is a treatment very popular now days that help the stimulation of collagen and elastin  by producing a small injury to the skin. Micro needling or derma pen as its also known can be done with needles of different sizes. In this video I am using one of the smallest … Continue reading Hydrating Treatment with Hyaluronic acid and micro needling

Vibrastrait, My favorite flat iron. DIY, Review Today I’m bringing you my new favorite flat Iron, The Vibrastrait, I use the 1 ¾” which is the bigger one. According to the site this are all the benefits; VIBRAstrait’s unique oscillating movement allows hair to glide through the plates effortlessly minimizing damage – no tugging, no pulling! Hair is shuffled through the … Continue reading Vibrastrait, My favorite flat iron. DIY, Review

Split Ender Pro 2 Talavera Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer 2017 Model review I work on TV so my hair gets a lot of damage in daily basis, and even though I make sure to take care of it, apply organic treatments, oils, heat protection etc. the damage is inevitable. One of the biggest issues I feel my hair has is the split ends and it really … Continue reading Split Ender Pro 2 Talavera Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer 2017 Model review

Gel French Manicure, tutorial and review Manicures and pedicures are so expensive now days, so I’ve move to doing it myself. Specially in my case, because I like the French manicure and pedicure, so they charge you $20 dollars more over your regular gel price. In the cities I’ve been to, a regular gel manicure and pedicure start at $47 … Continue reading Gel French Manicure, tutorial and review

Andrea Calle Beauty Tip- BEST MASCARA IN THE WORLD TV and radio Personality Andrea Calle shares with you what she considers to be the best mascara in the world- THERE'RE REAL Mascara Please Follow Us- Facebook- @Andreacalleoff Instagram- @Andreacalleoff Twitter- @Andreacalleoff Snapchat- @Andreacallecorp Pinterest- @Andreacalletv Youtube- @Andreacalletv Blog- PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG, THANK YOU!!

(article) in-office Zoom! teeth-whitening treatment review

I will start doing reviews on products I use. As you probably can imagine, I need to keep up to date in beauty products that are in the market. I have to admit I am a fan of Groupon, specially for services. One of my last purchases was a zoom treatment for $99, this treatment … Continue reading (article) in-office Zoom! teeth-whitening treatment review

Exercise Of The Week: Squats with Back Kick

El Octagono and New body architects will bring you the exercise of the week. These exercises are done by Andrea Calle, and they are currently part of her exercise routine to keep in shape.