Get rid of cellulite- TIP WITH ANDREA CALLE

TV/ Radio personality shares her beauty tips, this time talks about what she does to help with cellulite. She uses the cream “Botanical Slimming cream” from Firming You http://www.firmingyou.com


Jerom Almond SCAM!!! Please be aware

It has been brought to my attention that Jerom Almond has been scamming girls by using my name as a reference of talent. Please be advice and aware that he has NEVER done anything for me. He has stolen many girls dreams and money during the past years. Hope this helps to avoid any future scams!!


Andrea Calle

firmingyou andrea

Would like to welcome new sponsor Firming YOU!

firmingyou andreaI am super happy to welcome FirmingYOU as a sponsor. If you follow my trainings, you have probably seen me wear a waist band. One of the things i get asked the most is what i do to have my waist so small. Using a waist band as long as possible is my trick. I use it while i do my weight training, when i do my cardiovascular workout and on my off time if possible.

FirmingYOU is a new company, and their #1 Best Selling Latex Waist Shaper, tones and firms core, supports posture, and aids in waistline reduction. Reduce waistline up to three sizes instantly. Aids in accelerated weight loss of up to four inches in four to six weeks when worn 8 hours a day. If you want an instant figure and long lasting results, this is it! and It’s all black so its easier to match. Yayyy!!

What i also really like is that this is a UNISEX waist band and a rage of sizes from 3XS-#XL.

GOOD NEWS, For all first time buyers the are giving 15% OFF using code NEW15


Latex Corset Size Chart

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