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WEEKLY JOURNAL: treadmill walking lunges

Seven (7) weeks out to competition day, one of my main goal is to increase the muscle mass on my lower body, while leaning my upper body. One of the exercises I feel have make a big difference in my training has been the treadmill walking lunges. New body architects and Andrea Calle have created … Continue reading WEEKLY JOURNAL: treadmill walking lunges

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2012 Dayana Cadeau Classic: Andrea Calle wins 1st Place Bikini division, category B

(Article) Last week “21 Day- Ultimate Lean Down Challenge!!”

This is the last week to sign up for 21 Day- Ultimate Lean Down Challenge ONLY $129!! GET IN THE BEST SHAPE NOW !!! NEW BODY ARCHITECTS has discovered a faster way to lose fat and tone your body up, and the results are phenomenal!   Within the 3 weeks all participants will be introduced to … Continue reading (Article) Last week “21 Day- Ultimate Lean Down Challenge!!”

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