Have a Media player for your play list in your blog!

Considering that when you do not have a self hosted wordpress blog you can not have plug ins, i found a very simple way to do so. i wanted a media player that had the options of showing the playlist, and that could be edited so it would look good. I found a widget that makes this able, and really easy to do. This widget is  box.net Follow this steps: Go to Box.net and open a free account when you create the []

IPAD Apps/sites I recommend

Hi there are a couple of applications i would like to recommend all my ipad users to take a look at. If you like poker Zynga poker is a real time poker game with people worldwide. You can give gifts, chat and it is FREE for banking- BofA– its a great application for all bank of america users, it is fast and really handy to be up to date in every single transaction, balance and more  FREE Chase ipad– its amazing for []

Sharing online wisdom, increase your rankings, in search engines, major indexes and more

I have been studying and working on how to improve my websites raking and how to improve online presence. During my research I bump into a great site that has helped me understand and find the best ways to work with the ranking of my sites. It is a long process but worth the time and effort. You could consider it a step by step tutorial of the KNOW HOW, in this subject. Please give me feedback on what your thoughts are… []

How to verify your wordpress.com blog in google, alexa, yahoo and bing

It is very important to verify your accounts in Google (Alexa), Yahoo, Bing, to have a better site ranking, and increase your traffic. I encounter problems when trying to get my blog verify in google, yahoo, alexa, and bing. I found the solution to the problem and decided to share the steps with you. As you probably know depending on the template that you use to create your blog the menu changes. So, many time you wont  be able to follow the []


There are many positive things about wordpress.com. With the new changes facebook did for the plug-ins, it seems that only wordpress.org or the blogs that are self host, are taking advantage of them. The like box that comes in XFBML and iframe format are not compatible with wordpress.com. The closest i was able to create, and still helps to generate traffic from your blog or site to your fan page, is the badge you see on the right side of my widgets. I will []