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Andrea Calle Gorgeous In A Tiny Strapless Bikini

Thank you http://www.egotastic.com for all the love... Celebrities Fri, Feb 2 2018 by Brian McGee MMA announcer Andrea Calle is one of the hottest women I've ever laid eyes on. She's got curves like the day is long, a substantial rack and a bubbly backside that you just want to rest your drink on. It's … Continue reading Andrea Calle Gorgeous In A Tiny Strapless Bikini

(video) BTS shooting best makeup artist LilyFX

(video) BTS shooting the sexy tattoo model Denise Wortheim

http://youtu.be/ct0hya8x0WQ Model Denise Wortheim being feature in MMA TAT MAGAZINE.

(video) Vizion Couture Testimonial: Andrea Calle

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(images) Andrea Calle Southern States

This pictures were taken by my biggest supporter MY MOM, so they are not the best quality but for me it doesn't get better than this. Before i go into the images i need to thank the people who support my fitness career, believe in me and are by my side every day during preparation, … Continue reading (images) Andrea Calle Southern States

FAME by MJA 7 City Tour

(video) Europa Show of Champions NPC Backstage Interview: Andrea Calle

(Images) Amazing Photoshoot by OctopuStudios with Andrea Calle

(images) 2013 NPC Europa Show of Champions: Andrea Calle

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(Video) Andrea Calle in Commercial: Leggings 360


(images) 2013 NPC CJ Classic: Andrea Calle takes overall in bikini

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(image) Vegas Event February 1st invitation

I would like to invite all my friends, to join me in this special event I am hosting in Las Vegas, NV. February 1st