Andrea Calle and Hybrid Wellness brings you a glute exercise

Want a bubble butt?  I have partner up with Hybrid Wellness, to bring you exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  We will be bringing you videos of different exercises that you can mix and match to create a variation in your workouts. Advertisements

Best cardio machine for inner/outer thighs, glutes and core

  Helix trains you in ways other machines literally can’t!  The Helix trains muscles that can’t be reached or trained by other cardio machines, such as inner/outer thigh, glutes, and even activates the core while also mobilizing and strengthening the low back. Helix training also gets your heart rate up fast, so you benefit by…

Bubble butt workout with wearbands

Since I started my journey in fitness competitions and healthy living, I have learned so much. This year, 2017, I have decided to spend a bit more time on my blog. Developing new content and focusing more in growing my audience and bringing you more informative material. Because of my involvement in fitness most of…

(video) lower body workout with Andrea

Work legs and gluteal muscles, helps obtain that round buttocks we all love. With Andrea Calle at Amp Fitness Pembroke Pines Fl Please Follow Us- Facebook- @Andreacalletv Instagram- @Andreacalletv Twitter- @Andreacalletv Snapchat- @Andreacallecorp Pinterest- @Andreacalletv Youtube- @Andreacalletv Blog- PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG, THANK YOU!!

Exercise Of The Week: Squats with Back Kick

El Octagono and New body architects will bring you the exercise of the week. These exercises are done by Andrea Calle, and they are currently part of her exercise routine to keep in shape.