Upper Body workout with TRX bands

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFBsRKISmFQ TRX bands to work upper body and medicine ball to workout abs!! with Andrea Calle at Amp Fitness FL. Please Follow Us- Facebook- @Andreacalletv Instagram- @Andreacalletv Twitter- @Andreacalletv Snapchat- @Andreacallecorp Pinterest- @Andreacalletv Youtube- @Andreacalletv Blog- http://www.andreacalleblog.com/ PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG, THANK YOU!!

(video) upper body workout on parallel bars

Andrea Calle, MMA tv and radio host. Fitness model workout video at AMP fitness gym and spa.

(video) Upper body workout with bands

Andrea Calle Radio and TV broadcaster, fitness competitor and Fitness model, shows you an upper body routine, using just bands

(video) Uppor body workout at AMP FITNESS with Andrea Calle

Great exercises to lean your upper body. AMP Fitness pines 110 grand palms dr Pembroke Pines fl, 33027  

(Video) Triceps and Shoulders


(Video) Exercise of the Week: Forward Shoulder Raise

New body architects, Andrea Calle and El Octagono bring you a weekly exercise. @ANDREACALLEcorp @ElOctagono @Newbodyarchitects    

Exercise of the Week: Rear Delt Kick Backs

Exercise of the week:Rear Delt Pulldowns


Exercise of the Week: Arnold Presses