Home exercises for glutes, legs and abs

During an interview with "Fun with Kim" Andrea Calle promises Kim she will do a video for her listeners that they can do at home. In this video Andrea brings you 4 exercises for the legs and glutes, and 4 abs exercises. @afrenchieworld makes sure to join Andrea in her exercise routine, take a look … Continue reading Home exercises for glutes, legs and abs

Ollie, the best dog food meal delivery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqDvIX45yF8 Hello my dear friends, My beautiful princess was having a lot of skin problems like bumps and really bad allergies because of my foods, if you want to read more about this click here. Well, this got worst! she started having really bad allergies. I had to take her to the emergency room and … Continue reading Ollie, the best dog food meal delivery

Life’s Abundance

https://youtu.be/z_71ViS2Bxc I am really happy to bring you Life’s Abundance pet products as our new sponsor. My baby Princess loves her treats, the supplements and Omega-3 are easy to feed. The Kiwi & Mango Splash and Shampoo are great, love the scent and the way it makes my Princess’ coat look and feel. I really … Continue reading Life’s Abundance