Alnoor one of my favorite curry food restaurants

One of the things in this world that make me the happiest is eating good food, and one of my favorite foods because of the mix of herbs and flavors is curry. In my move to Los Angeles I have visited different restaurants and I have found this small restaurant that even though is so far from my house I really try to make any excuse to make it that way and stop there, The name is Alnoor.

This restaurant has been featured in the food network and everything because of a sauce that they created. Before I go into the entrée let me tell you more. To start I get the tea, and their tea is delicious, it comes with herbs and milk, I really recommend it.

They have this green sauce that they bring with some raw cucumbers and onions, I am not a fan of the onions raw so I only have the green sauce and the cucumber, the green sauce is herbs with yogurt. Then I always order an appetizer Pakoras, crispy fried balls made from potatoes and vegetables, this is accompanied by a tamarindo sauce, yummy!! .

Then I go into my entrée, just by writing about it my mouth gets all watery. I always order the Shrimp Tikka Masala, it is shrimp cooked in Alnoor’s own special spice herbs and garnished with cilantro, I always order a side or rice with it just because it compliment so well.

Next time you are in Los Angeles area and feel like having amazing curry stop by Alnoor. For more info visit


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