Split Ender Pro 2 Talavera Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer 2017 Model review

I work on TV so my hair gets a lot of damage in daily basis, and even though I make sure to take care of it, apply organic treatments, oils, heat protection etc. the damage is inevitable. One of the biggest issues I feel my hair has is the split ends and it really bothers me. I decided to try the Split-ender pro 2 and give you my review.

I did my research for the buy because it is a very pricey beauty item. I just google it again to see the current price and some sites have it for $349.95, I bought in on amazon for $169. One thing I do like is that the Split-Ender pro 2 has a set up were it only cuts ¼, in other words the length of your hair won’t change, which for me is essential.

Ok so the first things you need to do put the battery to charge, the handle is removable and that is the battery. While the battery charges you need to wash your hair and do not add any products to it, you need to have it as clean as possible. Then you need to blow dry your hair. Once you completed this steps you are ready to start.

So after using the Split-ender pro 2 on my hair and on my sister I definitely recommend it. You do feel an immediate change in the texture of your hair and it looks shinier. It is a machine easy to use, and being wireless it makes it really convenient. All the hair stays inside the cap so that is really nice because you see the hair that was cut and with no mess, it really doesn’t get any better.

To conclude I really liked it and I think is a great tool to keep my hair as healthy as possible in between hair cut which I have only like 1 time a year. The only thing is that you need to go and search for those deals.

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