Andrea Calle is making a name for herself in MMA

She is paving the way as the only woman doing ringside commentary in Spanish for MMA and she has a huge online following on everything from Instagram to Twitter.
By: Angely Mercado (Livin Americana)

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As a bodybuilder and model, Andrea Calle is clearly comfortable in a bikini. In the world of professional fighting, she could have leveraged her sex appeal to become a ring girl strutting out to center ring, holding a large cardboard placard to identify what round was about to begin. But in the world of fighting and especially Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), so-called traditional gender roles of women have changed. Today women step into the ring as fighters and Calle is also a part of the changing sport. Not in the ring, but at ringside, doing work that has for generations been done by men.

While a student there, Calle worked as a model, a job which gave her the confidence to seek out television opportunities. After participating in various MMA events she was recruited by Autoridad MMA, a Spanish-language broadcaster specializing in the sport, which ultimately led her to Combate Americas.

“I had to really study the sport and show them that I knew it at first, now it’s easy. Fighters know me and promoters know me,” she told Livin’ Americana.

Calle, a workout junkie, said that her love for sports, her background in fitness, and health have helped to keep her focused on work that’s both challenging and fun. She also credits all the Latin American commentators and fighters that she’s worked with for helping her to get ahead in this field…


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Combate AmericasApril 20th, 2017

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