Gel French Manicure, tutorial and review

Manicures and pedicures are so expensive now days, so I’ve move to doing it myself. Specially in my case, because I like the French manicure and pedicure, so they charge you $20 dollars more over your regular gel price. In the cities I’ve been to, a regular gel manicure and pedicure start at $47 dollars up to the hundreds. In my case I usually get gel mani and pedi every 2-3 weeks, so this turns to be really expensive.

In the above video you can see how to do an amazing French mani and pedi and I will also review the lamp and the Gelaze gel nail polish I use in the video. To stat I will show you why economically doing my manicure myself make sense for me.


3 Gelaze nail polish: $6.395*3= $19.19   (Sally had a special buy one second free) and the Diva Bride (pink, the said is going to be discontinued, so they had it at 50% off, lol of course I bought like 4 before it is discontinued)





Gel Lamp: $20.99 (I bought the KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp-One-button Control-10s, 30s, 60s and 300s with Auto Shutoff-Nail Dryer for Quickly Dry     LED  Gel Nail Polish on amazon) UPDATE: I  HAD A REACTION TO THIS LAMP, STARTED BURNING MY FINGERS UNDER THE NAILS.  NOW I USED THE MIROPURE





Nail Polish brush: $5.13

(I use the DL Professional French Manicure Clean-Up Brush, 4 Ounce)





Nail polish remover: $1.06

(I use the one at from the dollar store)

Nail polish remover dispenser: $1.06

(I bought it at the dollar store)

The total of everything I need for my French gel mani and pedi adds up to $47.43, no place will do French Gel mani and pedi for $47 dollars. So, even on my first mani/pedi I will pay for everything I need and it will be cheaper than getting it done at a salon.


KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp-One-button Control

I have been using this nail polish and lamp for the past three months. The lamp is great, has 4 presenting of time and at 60 seconds dries the nail polish completely, and so far the bulb hasn’t given up on me. UPDATE: I  HAD A REACTION TO THIS LAMP, STARTED BURNING MY FINGERS UNDER THE NAILS.

3 Gelaze nail polish

The nail polish advertises the fact that the colors include the base coat so is one step less that we need to do. When I bought the nail polish I had already a base and top coat from a different brand. The nail would peel off completely in a matter of days. I thought it was because I has mixing the two different brands. I went back to Sally and bought the top coat from Gelaze, unfortunately, not a big difference maybe one or two days more. So it lasts like a regular nail polish (7 days give or take).

In conclusion I give the gel lamp 4.5 stars: economic, small, convenient to put away, 4 settings. To the Gelaze nail polish I give them 2.5 stars: very competitive price, very nice colors, but very bad quality. Last very few days, which avoids the purpose of the gel which is to prolong the days between manicures.

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