AMP Fitness- Official Sponsor of athletes and Andrea Calle

photoNow offering MMA Classes designed by Randy Couture and instructed  by female champion Jessica Aguilar. Also offering MMA Programs and Golf Fit program.!!

We are dedicated to providing our members with the finest level of service in the fitness community.  We offer top-level health, fitness & wellness from all aspects, including education on nutrition, equipment, classes, personal training and much more.  It’s a foundation to a better you, we help build bodies for life.

We are now offering MMA Classes designed by Randy Couture and instructed  by female champion Jessica Aguilar as well as MMA Programs and Golf Fitness classes.

Personal Training Program

Many automatically equate personal training with athletes and movie stars.  This is only a very small part of the picture.  Everyone, young and old, in shape and out, can utilize a Fitness Professional for a variety of reasons.  More and more “normal” people and veteran exercises alike are working with Fitness Professionals as a means of losing weight or just staying healthy.

In fact, the work of a majority of Fitness Professionals focuses on increasing and/or maintaining their clients’ fitness levels, assisting them in weight loss and overseeing their strength-training and cardiovascular activities.

Personal training is more than a series of workout sessions.  It is a physical, psychological, emotional and social experience.  Fitness Professionals wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but also as confidant, role model, educator and a major source encouragement.

Our Fitness Professionals are available to help you set and reach your individual fitness goals.  We are confident in the fact that we have a personal training option that fits every individual’s time, needs and budget.

Amp schedule

mma, jessica aguilarAdditional information

 111 Grand Palms Drive
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027
Phone: (954) 450-5535

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