(video) Sports Motivation – Eye of the Tiger


Sports Motivation – done to the classic Rocky IV theme song, ViSports presents “Eye of the Tiger”. More videos and posters are available at http://visportsnutrition.ca

Most humans are directed. We don’t walk aimlessly but we walk in a certain direction for a certain reason. Motivation is our direction. In order to be successful in any endeavor including sports motivation, we must have a good reason of doing it.

Researchers state that sports motivation is \”a process through which a person makes use of available resources, time, talent, and energy, and distributes them in a way they choose.\” Different athletes have different forms of motivation to keep them dedicated to a particular sport. It may be enjoyment, physical fitness, social relationships, or goal attainment.

There are two kinds of motivation that enables sportsmen to achieve a particular goal or task. The first type is extrinsic sports motivation that comes from external influences or people. People are extrinsically motivated to earn rewards, social recognition, or benefits. The second kind is intrinsic motivation which is an inherent characteristic that feeds off one’s inner drive to accomplish a goal or objective.

It’s very difficult to remain motivated indefinitely – even top performers suffer motivation dips. But think. What is important and most valuable to you? Once you get the answers, it’s time to make a commitment. Commitment is the ability to carry out a worthy decision, even when the excitement of making that decision has passed.

Goal setting is a huge and powerful technique that can bring you strong rewards and get your motivation levels up. At its simplest level the process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life. To achieve sports motivation by goal setting, it is important to have these 4 goal setting techniques:

1. Set sharp, refined goals and take note of your pace of achieving it.

2. Take time to enjoy the satisfaction when you have achieved one of your goals. And always note of your progress in other goals too. Reward yourself for your triumphs and don’t feel guilty of failures.

3. When you have failed to reach a goal, ensure that you learn a lesson from it. It could be that you didn’t try hard enough, your technique is not suited for you and needs to be adjusted or the goal you set was unrealistic.

4. When you have succeeded in reaching a goal, assess yourself. If the goal was easily achieved, make your next goals harder. If the goal took too long to achieve, make the next goals a little easier. If you learned something that would lead you to change goals that are still unfinished, change them.

Self-determination measures how much you want to participate in an activity for yourself self-motivation helps you to see why you want to participate. Focus less on gaining more knowledge, and more on getting and staying motivated. Enhancing motivation is fundamentally about a change of attitude, developing a positive ‘can do’ mindset and engaging in systematic behaviors. Each and every one of us has an untapped energy source and that can be drawn upon to bring about superior results.

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