Getting the Challenge Started!!

First, I would like to inspire and challenge  you to stop postponing that goal of looking like you always dreamed. I feel better than ever and would love to help you achieve your goals. Make sure once you commit to be part of this challenge to leave me a comment and your email so I can follow up your process. If you want to inspire more women, please keep track of your progress with images, I would love to share your story with everyone on the challenge. I will be sharing exercise videos, recipes, and images. My blog is yours if you have recipes, videos or questions  please leave a comment or email me at Last, I will leave you some tips so you can keep in mind when cooking your food, and keeping track of your progress


  1. Dressings (including light/fat free) are high in sodium and sugar, not good for your diet. I RECOMMEND BALSAMIC VINEGARis 0% in sodium, fat free, 0 calories and very low in sugar
  2. NO Salt in your diet (increases water retention)
  3. For seasoning use herbs, garlic and black pepper. (always read label to make sure they are 0% in everything)
  4. No Dairies  (when I say no dairies, I means Nothing that has milk, like cheese, soy milk, almond milk, etc Not included in your diet)
  5. Use Pan or any other spray to cook (make sure is 0% in everything)
  6. I recommend a healthy breakfast. (5 egg whites, oatmeal (unflavored) made with water and maybe add a small amount of brown sugar (look for organic brown sugar, low in calories.
  7. try to have 5-6 meals per day, it will help to increase your metabolism
  8. since you are eating so ofter (every 3 hours) keep your portions small
  9. try to eat only white meats (chicken, tilapia, turkey)
  10. as much green veggies as possible.
  11. A lot of WATER

Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. WE CA DO IT!!!

2012:2013 ANDREA CALLE


9 thoughts on “Getting the Challenge Started!!

      1. I still don’t understand as almond milk -at least what I usually drink- consists of almonds, water, and a sweeter (stevia). Nevertheless, thank you for your reply. Take care 🙂


  1. 0k, I’ve just started 4/6/13, but I will keep you posted on my progress on a monthly basis ;?) Thank you for becoming my motivation and inspiration!


      1. I’m sorry Andrea, I will no longer be participating in this challenge… God bless you!


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