(Article) Note of Appreciation

I am a Dreamer, and a very high dreamer. My dreams are so high that people laugh when they hear me say what I WILL accomplish. And I say accomplish because when I see that my dreams can become reality, I Act,  and Commit until I succeed. My mother, my biggest supporter, friend, partner in business and in life, always says that every time I come up with any idea she gets nervous, because she knows I’ll do what ever is necessary to make it a reality. I am a very stubborn person, and many people see that as a flaw. I try to use it in my advantage, it helps me keep committed to what I love and start.

Two years ago, EL Octagono team gave me the opportunity to be part of this incredible idea. And we started together a beautiful and amazing journey. I took El Octagono as a personal challenge, goal and business. I want to make El Octagono the main Spanish MMA show and source for anything mma related… And slowly but surly we are growing as a company, and better yet as a family. I would like to thank Camilo Ortiz and Randall Villafanez, for the opportunity and support on all my ideas and projects I get involved with. And of course I can’t forget the beautiful wives Sarah and Elizabeth, they have believe in us, being patient and supporting their husbands so they can be part of my dream. Love you guys

But, El Octagono wouldn’t be what it is without the fighters, that have become our friends during time. Thanks to the fighters, their time, work, dedication, and passion for what they do, we are able to bring our listeners all the updates, interviews and videos of what goes on in their lives.To managers, and gyms for being part of the fighters lives and for helping us when we need you.

To all the promotions, UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, CFA, Fighttime, Invicta, Gforce, that support our work and help us with everything we need. Thank you so much!!! I would like to thank Frank Morejon CEO of MMA2TheMax for everything he does for the south florida mma community, for all the help he has given el Octagono and me.

In the journey I started a couple of years ago, I have met amazing people, some have become my friends, others colleges, other just acquaintance, but each person, I have met has planted a seed in my heart, and has help me be who I am today. I like to thank the team MJA Fashion for being there for me and with me. Their actions have spoken so highly of them that I don’t have words to thank them. Photographers, editors, magazines, sites, co-workers, models, designers, makeup artist, artist, actors, productions crews, etc, that I have worked with for making my experience so amazing.

I wouldn’t change my life for no body.  I have more than what anyone imagines. I have the joy of having the best shield in life and the best friend anyone can have Jesus Christ… He has been by my side in the worst moments of my life but has also given me more than what I ever dreamed. And my ultimate goal, is to be able to use everything I am, posses and know in His work. I do want to make this a better place. I want to be remember for the difference I made in this world, and “We Want You to Help”  to make a difference with us.

Nothing that I have dreamed, achieved and projects I am working on, would be possible with out my, supporters, fans, followers, and friends. You guys make such a big part of anything I do, probably more than what you can imagine, and for all of you I only have words of gratitude, and appreciation.

And of course my backbone, my daily motivation and my life (MOM, SISTER and BROTHER) you guys are the best thing any person in this world could ask for. I have the best family anyone can imagine, and I praise the Lord for the health we all have, for being able to be so united and supporters of each other. THANK YOU

2012 has been an amazing year for me. My new journey  into Fitness, and health, has challenge and change my life for ever. I like to lead by example, and for the people that saw my process to compete, notice it. I want to be a pro fitness competitor and I have to thank Dennis Sheppard from New Body Architects for all the help and support in achieving my goals on the fitness side. They have been an important part of my performance and achievements of my goals in fitness…

2012 is ending and it has left me with great achievements, new goals, new projects, new friends, and with a positive attitude towards life, and everything that surrounds me. I want to thank each of you again for being part of my life, and want to encourage you to be a better you every day. To thank God and everyone that is there to help you, supports you and believes in you.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL! and always remember to smile, may brighten someone’s day 🙂


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