How to take your fitness to the next level

Many years ago before I decided to get involved in body building, I needed to make some important decisions on how I was going to make it all happen. I needed to set some goals, and figure out a few things. This quote always comes to mind when it is time to set goals “a goal without a plan is a WISH” -Herm Edwards.As one of the top fitness trainers in Florida and after receiving numerous rewards in my bodybuilding career, I still find myself setting new goals. I have actually been able to accomplish more then I ever imagined, just by following a few simple rules listed below. If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would own two fitness studios or become a State Champion natural body builder, I would have said no.


When it comes to taking your fitness to the next level, follow these simple rules:

Rule #1: Find Someone You Admire-  Look for someone who has similar attributes and characteristics as you, whether they be from a magazine, tv show, your trainer, or close friend.  Use whoever you choose and use them as your motivation to drive you to your fitness goals.

Rule #2: Set Realistic Fitness Goals –  Starting with smaller “short- term” fitness goals will allow you to experience the reward of achieving your goal sooner than later, leaving you wanting to accomplish more and more.  For example, for someone who is sedentary and wants to become fit/ healthy, setting a goal to workout 3 days a week every week is a perfect starting point.  For someone who wants to lose 20 pounds, setting a goal to lose 4-5 pounds in a month will allow them to see that those 20 pounds is attainable.

Rule #3:  Overcome Obstacles –  First and foremost, anything worth having in life doesn’t come easy, it takes hard work and dedication.  Obstacles are a part of life, and are a big reason why individuals give up on their fitness goals prematurely.  When working towards your goal keep a positive mindset, that no matter what you will succeed, no matter what set backs you encounter you will overcome them and not allow yourself to give up.

Rule #4:  Become A Role Model-  Accomplishing your goals is a huge feat, and a reason to be proud of yourself.  At this point in time others will notice, and start asking you how you did it.  This is when you know you’ve reached role model status.  People are asking you how you reached your goal, because they want to know how to look like you.  And there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are a role model, and are now the motivation used by others so that they can achieve their fitness goals. If you are a parent, you already are a role model and it is your responsibility to assume the role. (as a good one) .

Having positive role models and coaches play a huge part and should always be part of your game plan.

  New Body Architects very own Andrea Calle took 1st Place at the Dayana Cadeau Classic body building, fitness, figure and bikini contest this weekend!!! Great job Andrea!!!

andrea calle, vizion couture, europa, fitness

If you want to learn more about getting and staying in great shape or you know a friend. Go to or send me an email so we can discuss your goals.

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Committed to keeping you fit,Dennis Sheppard

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