(Article) Photo: UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Action Figure


Brittney Palmer has been featured on countless TV shows, magazines, calendars and other famous outlets. She has graced the cover of Playboy since becoming a UFC Octagon girl, but now she’s getting “immortalized” in a different way, and will be exposed to a new market and audience.

As part of their “Ultimate Collector Series 11” set, Round 5 will be releasing a limited edition Brittney Palmer “Chase” figure which will be making its debuting on November. According to the announcement, the figure is relatively rare and won’t be available on every case, but check out a photo of it below:


Aside from both being on Playboy, her partner-in-crime for card UFC carrying duties in Arianny Celeste has also been featured by Round 5 in the past. Check out the photo her figure below:


Now a question for our readers, are these collectible “scene” figures something you would buy for around $30?



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