Jon Jones on UFC 151 Aftermath: ‘I Felt Like a Piece of Meat’

By Andrea Calle

Jon Jones, the most talked about fighter takes the time to talk to Ariel Helwani. In a 41 minute interview, Bonny Jones and stand by his decision of not fighting Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice. Explains the main reasons why not fighting Chael Sonnen was the best decision for his career as a champion. All of the coaches agreed, Jones would win the fight, but the coaches also made it clear that Jones had prepare for a totally opposite fighter (Dan Hernderson).  How hurt he is for Dana comments, what it means for Jones to fight such an honorable fighter as Vitor Belfort, and much more

This interview may change your opinion on the UFC light heavyweight Champ, It’s really worth it to take the time to listen to this interview.


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