UnderGround Forum >> Dan Miller Son Gets Long Awaited Kidney Transplant

Poste by AshDoherty

So you may of heard that Dan Miller had to pull out of his fight with Sean Pierson recently, it wasn’t because he was injured, it’s because the kidney transplant for Dan Millers son will finally happen. =)

From Yahoo! Sports


With all the madness surrounding the UFC 151 cancellation, it’s easy to overlook that there is more going on in the world of MMA.

Case in point, UFC welterweight Dan Miller has been removed from the UFC 152 fight card slated for Sept. 22 in Toronto, but this time, it’s a good thing.

Miller hasn’t run into any licensing issues or suffered any sort of injury. In fact, Miller stepped off the card because of a positive turn of events for his son, Danny Jr.

Danny was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) shortly after he was born. He has been undergoing dialysis treatments several times a week since the initial diagnosis.

In the meantime, the family has been taking the necessary steps to move Danny towards a much needed kidney transplant. Finally, after all their efforts and a long time waiting, Danny is going to get the kidney transplant surgery that he so needs. A representative from Miller’s camp confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.com.

Dubbed the “toughest Miller” of them all by his uncle, UFC lightweight Jim Miller, Danny needs a full camp surrounding him for this next fight. So his dad, in this case fortunately, won’t be fighting in the Octagon when the UFC returns to Toronto next month. He’ll be in Danny’s corner instead.

The surgery is quite expensive, in the six figures range, and Danny will need ongoing medications that are expected to run into the thousands of dollars each month for at least the first year following the surgery.

If you would like to help Danny and his parents with the financial burden, please go to FundaFighter.com to make a donation on Dan Miller’s page.

Miller’s UFC 152 opponent, Sean Pierson, is expected to remain on the fight card with an opponent yet to be determined.



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