UFC of Fox 4: Main Card Highlights

by DeLeon DeMicoli | source: The Underground Blog

Mike Swick vs. DaMarques Johnson

This was Mike Swick’s return to the octagon since a twenty-four month layoff. But luckily for fight fans he was in top form when he stepped inside the cage.

At the opening bell both fighters hit each other with solid shots. But it was Johnson that took it to the ground and landed heavy ground-and-pound busting up Swick’s face. In round two Johnson set up a jab-kick combo that Swick caught like the winning touchdown for a Hail Mary pass putting Johnson on his back. While Johnson used the opposite hand to break his fall Swick saw the opening and dropped a piston into Johnson’s face, not once, but three times ensuring Johnson wasn’t getting up.

Besides being a great show opener on Fox (not to mention Knock Out of the Night honors) it was the friendly banter on Twitter between both athletes after the fight that showed the class of UFC fighters.

DaMarques Johnson
@officialswick welcome home in the @UFC sir. You where the better man last night. As a fan I’m glad back. Can we be twitter friends now?

Mike Swick
@DaMarques_UFC Thanks bro. You gave me a hell of a fight, we had a war! Always a fan of yours, keep your head up!

DaMarques Johnson

Mike Swick
@DaMarques_UFC Keep ur spirits high rather! Haha Thx 4 bringing it. We made war. Love ur heart & fortitude! Ur elbows… not so much! 😉

Joe Lauzon vs. Jamie Varner

This scrap proved why the lightweight division could have more action in it than a Jerry Bruckheimer flick.

At the opening bell Varner looked like he took a few boxing lessons from Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund with all of the body shots he landed. But it was Lauzon’s ground game that led the dance in the third, putting Varner in a triangle choke and not letting up until an exhausted Varner tapped.

The fight took home Fight of the Night honors giving both fighters a $50,000 bump and Lauzon an extra $50,000 to fly home first class if he chose from taking Submission of the Night honors.


Lyoto Machida vs. Ryan Bader

Machida returned to classic form in this fight relying on his karate and counter striking. As the fighters met in the middle of the cage Bader looked like he was standing on the edge of a cliff hesitating to jump into the sea while Machida used his wizard-like hand motions to hypnotize Bader. Bader fell under the spell and lunged into Machida’s counter-punch, which proved to be an over-the-counter sleeping aid.

With quick work of Bader, Machida will fight the winner of Jones vs. Henderson.

Mauricio Rua vs. Brandon Vera

Vera stepped into the Octagon like Rod Tidwell in the movie “Jerry Maguire” hoping to prove his critics wrong and that he belonged with the light heavyweight division’s elite. Rua wasn’t going to make Vera’s night an easy one as he changed up his style looking for the takedown. Vera refused to cry uncle as he returned to his feet each time and hit Rua with a sharp jab-hook-kick combo. But it was Rua that reloaded his six-shooter in the fourth round and came out blasting to win by TKO.

Underground Blogger DeLeon DeMicoli wraps up the UFC on FOX 4 main card

DeLeon DeMicoli writes and trains in San Francisco, CA.  He is currently writing a novel on Mixed Martial Arts.


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