MMA News : UFC Dana White comments on injuries, says fighters need to tone it down, stop hurting each other in training

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


“I’m numb to it now. Last year when the stuff started happening it was devastating. Now, I’ve chalked it up to this is part of the business, part of the deal. I think what’s happening too – and me and Joe Silva were talking about this tonight – you have so many talented guys out there now all in the same camp, going at it like they’re fighting for the title, these guys need to tone it down in training a bit and stop hurting each other… Guys that fight in the UFC and the guys that we deal with all the time are hungry to fight. These guys want to fight, and they want to get paid. The more you sit on the sidelines, and the more you’re out, the less money you make.” -UFC President Dana White addressed the rash of recent injuries to fighters in an interview with Fuel TV on Friday night. Penick’s Analysis: It may simply be a matter of the UFC employing a lot more fighters these days, leading to the same frequency of injuries, just more injuries overall. It may be fighters overtraining, pushing too hard in the gym and hurting one another. Maybe fighters are pulling out more frequently and getting their smaller injuries taking care of so they’re not fighting as injured as they might have in the past. At any rate, while it’s an unfortunate part of the sport, it’s wreaking havoc on the UFC’s cards this summer.

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