Arianny Celeste Mugshot Paints Teary Picture of Arrest!

By Gabe Zaldivar  Pop Culture Lead Blogger

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste illustrated the proper and sane method of taking a mug shot.

TMZ obtained the mugshot of the model, and it’s pretty much how I would look if I were ever taken into custody. Well, if I also had the face of a model, I mean.

Per the report, Celeste was arrested on Saturday morning in Nevada on suspicion of domestic violence. UFC President Dana White has since come forward to back Celeste, via the report.

Arianny is our baby. She has been with us for over five years. She is a good girl and an amazing ambassador for UFC. I don’t know all the details of what happened but we have her back and support her 100%.

Fox News 5 in Las Vegas has a bit more from the incident, reporting the fight was a “booze-fueled” altercation with her boyfriend that lead to a trashed room at Wynn Las Vegas.

The alleged boyfriend, 34-year-old Praveen Chandra, was also taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

Per the report:

Police said the fight started in a limo on the way to Wynn Las Vegas, when Celeste took Chandra’s phone and accused him of sending text messages to other women.

Chandra claimed Celeste kicked him in the nose, and Celeste accused Chandra of choking her and squeezing her arm in their hotel room.

It sounds like a scary few moments that will soon be answered for. Of course, we are used to seeing Celeste rocking a bright smile and captivating audiences with her form.

We have seen far too many celebs who are about to be incarcerated rocking a grin.

I know I would be in a pretty sour mood if I was on my way to jail. Celeste is obviously emotionally bothered in this picture, pretty much what you would expect.

The Smoking Gun has a huge collection of celebrity mug shots that include some fairly famous individuals looking like their mug shot is a natural part of their day.

There is nothing lighthearted about domestic abuse, no matter who is doing the alleged fighting, but it’s clear that Celeste is beyond affected by this matter.

We certainly hope this is the last time we see her mixed up on this kind of awfulness. Perhaps it’s time these two distance themselves for good.

4 thoughts on “Arianny Celeste Mugshot Paints Teary Picture of Arrest!

  1. Andrea? Por favor! no esta bien. Recuerda que Como Midas a Los demas seras medida. En donde quedo todo “es amor”


    1. yo no estoy midiendo a nadie es un articulo de algo que paso y yo lo republique, no tiene ni mi opinion ni estan criticandola. asi que no entiendo a que se debe ese mensaje.


      1. Esta bien!…pero no te enojes. Solo lo dicia por cuidar te.. Pero desculpa me si te ofendi eres mi amiga y quiero mucho. Adios <3.


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