Seam McCorkle: What the hell is wrong with a freak show?

I’m not an MMA journalist

From: Sean McCorkle

but since I’m a better writer and more knowledgeable than almost all of them, allow me to drop some mma science on y’all, straight old school style. And by that I mean I’m just going to tell you guys my opinions on random topics in MMA.

First off, I was very impressed with Bellator as a promotion as a whole fighting for them last Friday night. Their entire staff is very professional, they treat all of the fighters with the utmost respect almost going overboard catering to the fighters, and look to really be trying to build their promotion the right way. We stayed in an expensive hotel, the perdiem money was way more than I expected or needed, and the production crew to the PR people, to the cut guys were awesome.

I love the tournament format they have, and the philosophy that fighters can and should fight more than just a few times a year. Obviously nobody will be able to compete with the UFC for many years, but Bellator really did impress me. It will be very interesting to see where the deal with Spike and Viacom has them after the next 18 months.

Next up, I thought it was pretty cool that Pavia’s new promotion made their fights available for free on youtube. A lot of people have asked me if I would fight for them, and my answer is always the same. I’d fight for the Taliban if the money was right. People complain that Thompson vrs Sapp was a freak show, and my response always is “What the hell is wrong with a freak show?” I love them. I loved when Pride would put together insane mismatches size wise, or would put Fedor in with a gigantic bum. Everybody loves to watch a train wreck. MMA is just entertainment. If you want purity of a sport go watch the olympics or some shit.

I can’t wait for UFC 146. Obviously I’m a little biased toward wanting to watch heavyweights, but Dos Santos/Overeem, Velasquez/Mir and Nelson/Silva all on the same card? Are you kidding me? FYI, Overeem beats Dos Santos probably by decision, Velasquez beats Mir probably very quickly, and Roy Nelson out strikes and KO’s Silva. Then Cain fights Overeem in what should be, although it probably won’t be, the biggest heavyweight fight of all time.

Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, although neither appear to be interested in it, really need to face each other if they both win their next fights. I don’t think it will ever happen but that is the fight I’d most like to see of any fight in the world. Silva seems all too eager to fight a considerably smaller GSP, but has no interest in the Jon Jones fight? Really? Jones has said in the past he would take the fight, and although he’s bigger than Silva, Jones is also willing to move up to heavyweight and fight anyone there as well. By the time Jon Jones is done, he will be considered the greatest fighter of all time in any weight class.

I did not get a chance to see the Curran/Warren fight the other night because they were on right before me, but Warren did not look in good shape at all backstage after the fight. I’m not one to have my stomach easily turned either, but I was genuinely afraid for him when he passed by as they were practically carrying him. I keep hearing it was a late stoppage, and then that it wasn’t, back and forth. Either way, I genuinely hope that he is OK. That’s a scary thing to see.

I got to hang out with Miguel Torres quite a bit in Chicago this weekend and although I knew him a little before, I didn’t know how hilarious and cool a dude he actually is. He and I together are comedy gold. He showed me a few new sweeps from 1/2 guard, and I taught him a thing or two about how to be really big, strong, and athletic when you’re in someone’s guard.

Finally, I want to remind you all that I am fighting Brian Heden in on 3/31 in the main event for WMMA in El Paso, Texas. Karo Parisyan and Thomas the Wildman Denny are the co main event that night. I can’t begin to explain to you how surreal it is for me to be the main event for a promotion where Denny and Parisyan are fighting on the same card. I still get excited just to meet guys like Karo and Thomas, and can’t believe that I am considered to be as big a name in MMA as either of them. It sounds stupid, but it’s just so weird for me. I was a huge MMA fan (almost like an MMA nerd) before I ever even dreamed about starting to train or fight.

And very lastly, it pains me to admit that I love all you fuckers on the UG. Even my haters. I literally laugh out loud on a daily basis at the stuff you guys write on here, not just about me, but about everybody else. There is no other place on the internet like the UG, and seriously some of the funniest things I’ve ever read, heard, or seen in my life have been on here. I get on here every day (and so does every other famous fighter no matter what they say) even if I don’t post. Alright, enough warmth.

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