I Am..

I Am, quote
I Am, quote

I Am made to flourish in dry seasons. As I live a life that honors God and obeys His Word, His blessings will overtake me. God brings me from lack to abundance, and takes me further than I ever thought possible. His favor is more than enough for me. This is my declaration of who I am.



One thought on “I Am..

  1. Andrea…
    I absolutely love the fact that you love The Lord, and share your faith with others, and give God thanks for the person He has made you.
    Physically, you are a beautiful woman; beautiful women however are a dime a dozen. But…you are beautiful inside and out, and that’s priceless! Don’t ever change who you are Andrea, and may God be with you wherever you go. I’m a Christian too.

    Tom 🙂

    P.S. I’m your friend on Facebook. (Tom Fate). I just wanted this e-mail to you to be a personal one, that’s all.


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