Gina Carano books second starring role in action thriller “In the Blood”

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Following a starring role in January’s “Haywire,” former Women’s MMA star Gina Carano will be returning to action this year.

On film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carano has secured her second starring role in a major motion picture. Staying in the action genre, Carano will star in the film “In the Blood,” an action thriller in the vein of “Taken,” directed by John Stockwell.

The film is described as being “set in motion when a husband disappears while vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife, to be played by Carano. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men whom she believes kidnapped and killed him.” Principal photography on the film is set to begin in late spring or early summer in Puerto Rico.

Carano received mostly favorable reviews for her performance in Haywire, leading to a belief that more acting gigs would be in her future. This booking for another film by an established actor/director (Stockwell has helmed films such as Into the Blue, Blue Crush, and Turistas) is another solid statement for Carano in beginning what could be a burgeoning film career.

“This role will showcase not only Gina’s fighting skills, but also her acting abilities as her character struggles to reign in her violent past,” said Stockwell.

Penick’s Analysis: With filming set to begin in the next several months, it’s another sign that we’re unlikely to see Carano enter the cage again. With all the talk in 2011 of her return, it just never panned out because of her to-this-day mysterious removal from the June Strikeforce event. With another film under her belt, she isn’t likely to be slowing down in her movie career. If she does well with “In the Blood,” expect her to get more roles in film and to see more of her outside of the world of MMA.

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