Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit 2, Josh Koscheck and AKA, Chael Sonnen and More

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After Carlos Condit was crowned Interim Welterweight Champion, several members of the media wondered whether or not the UFC would put together an immediate rematch between Condit and Nick Diaz because Georges St-Pierre would still be out until October/November.

“I know [St-Pierre] wanted that Diaz fight bad, but it’s not going to be Diaz so he better get angry with Carlos Condit or focus on Carlos Condit or whatever he needs to do. Carlos Condit won this fight. No matter how much Georges and Nick hate each other, Carlos Condit won, and I think the fans are mad at the way Carlos Condit fought. Too fucking bad. He came in with a game plan and stuck to it and won. You know what’s funny man, is that when he said that, I was thinking the same thing. It’s crazy, but. I was thinking it after the fight. You know, people are bitching and thinking it was close or whatever, we can do that fight again before GSP comes back. It depends on Carlos too, he’s really gotta say, and Nick’s gotta say, ‘I want to fight him again too.’”

Well, as I write this, it has come out that Condit’s manager has stated that they are not interested in fighting Diaz again and would rather take the fight with St-Pierre, even if it means waiting until late 2012. Can’t say that I blame them. As much as Diaz has been looking to fight GSP, so has Condit. He now has that chance. But, if they change their mind, I wouldn’t mind watching a sequel.

Josh Koscheck revealed the reasoning behind his split with his fight camp, AKA, with

“First and foremost, my teammates over there at AKA in San Jose are my brothers. I love those guys. 8 years, we’ve basically trained ourselves and got us to the level that we are and we’ve all relied on each other and those guys are forever going to be my teammates, I’m forever going to train with them, but I’m just not going to train in San Jose with them…There’s one reason I’m leaving San Jose AKA and that’s because of [coach/founder] Javier Mendez…I’ve lost a lost of respect for Javier Mendez as a coach, as a person. Because if you go back and listen to the history of the interviews of him after AKA guys have lost, the interviews he does, go back and look at the Cain Velasquez [fight], go back and look at the Josh Koscheck (fight), the other guys on that team, and see if you can find interviews where he refers to ‘Oh I did my job’ to make himself look good and they didn’t do theirs. That’s not a coach.”

I have noticed that. Not what you want someone to say who is a part of your team. Especially the person that is basically in charge of your team. A lot of media members thought we might finally get a Koscheck vs. Fitch match up now that they aren’t in the same camp, but I would still doubt that.

After his loss to Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz stated that he was done with MMA and would never fight again. This was quite a shock, and when asked about it, UFC President Dana White said he believes it was just an emotional response.

“You never know with Nick Diaz. You never know. I think he’s just upset right now, and I think he’s emotional, but who knows? Let me tell you what: The kid’s made a lot of money. If he didn’t want to do it anymore, maybe he could retire. But why? He’s in his prime. Fight for a few more years, and he’ll have enough money to really do it and kick back the rest of his life…I think once he goes home and realizes and calms down…I don’t see Nick Diaz retiring, but who knows? This isn’t one of those sports where you want to be half in, half out. If that’s how you feel, maybe you should retire.”

I don’t think Diaz is done. He’s still one or two wins away from a title shot. Probably just one if he defeats his next opponent impressively. But his rant with Joe Rogan on Saturday night was ridiculous, I might add.

During his five round contest with Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit set a UFC record for leg kicks landed in a fight on Saturday night, connecting on 68 to Nick Diaz in the UFC 143 main event. Donald Cerrone still holds the record for leg kicks landed in a three round fight with 49 against Vagner Rocha. Condit, through three rounds, landed 42.

Diaz fans were irate with Condit’s tactics, but they proved fruitful. He evaded and attacked and evaded and attacked. His style frustrated Diaz and Diaz couldn’t adapt, leading to Diaz landing less than a third of the strikes he landed on BJ Penn in their three round war. That in itself is impressive. This record is icing on the cake.

Contrary to what Chael Sonnen has constantly stated, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva will indeed face him in his return to action in June. UFC President Dana White confirmed that verbal agreements are in place for the two to meet June 16 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Of course it was going to happen. Sonnen was just being Sonnen. This fight will take place in a soccer stadium, and will hold 100,000 screaming Brazilian fans. Can’t wait!

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