Peyton’s new place ?

Get ready South Florida. I got a feeling its coming. Peyton Manning hype.  It sure looks like the future Hall-of-Fame quarterback and the Indianapolis Colts are about to part company.

Manning has tried to put a good spin on his relationship with the Colts, but c’mon. How much sense does it make for the Colts to pay Peyton $28 mil to stick around AND draft Andrew Luck.  Why would Manning want to remain with a Colts team that is clearly heading in a new direction.

Should they follow through with their football divorce, Manning will become the hottest NFL free agent since Reggie White.  The Dolphins will get in the Manning sweepstakes. The question is…SHOULD they ?

I say NO.  Stay away from an old quarterback who has missed a year after his THIRD neck surgery in two years. Too scary..too risky for me.  But I’m betting Dolphins owner Stephen Ross won’t be able to resist.

Manning would sell tickets to an empty Sun Life Stadium, re-excite Dolfans who miss those Dan Marino days, and give the Fins instant Super Bowl hope.

But what if he can’t play. Then the Dolphins are right back where they are…with no franchise quarterback.  Taking the Manning shortcut could blow up in their faces.

The smart money says go find a young Peyton Manning.  The Dolphins new head coach Joe Philbin is known for offense. Let him coach up a young QB, and not play caretaker for an older one who may be fragile and set in his ways.

And….do you REALLY trust that Dolphin offensive line to protect Manning. I’d feel better with somebody who can run away from the pass rush.

In my book, there’s only one good reason for the Fins to get in the Manning sweepstakes. Keep him away from the New York Jets.  For the Dolphins to play third fiddle in a division with Tom Brady AND Peyton Manning….now THAT might get me to change my mind.


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