Anderson Silva: I’ll fight for another 6 or 7 Years


Recently, Anderson Silva did an interview with O Globo’s Marilia Gabriela for He spoke of Chael Sonnen and retirement…

“I did get to where I am by being arrogant or provoking people,” said Silva. “His kind of provocation is tarnishing the image of the sport. There is no place for that in MMA.

“I believe he shouldn’t be on the sport, because he has no emotional control. While trying to provoke me, he makes the sport looks bad. He made bad comments, offended me and my wife”, he said.

“He doesn’t deserve to fight me. The most important thing he didn’t do: defeating me. He was caught on the drug test, which was the worse.”

Silva went on to discuss talk about his retirement.

“I’ll fight for another six or seven years and then I’ll stop. I stopped to think about it and I’ll postpone my retirement for a little longer. Then I’ll think about TV. I guess it’s interesting,” said Anderson, who recently had a documentary launched and had a role in a soap opera.

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