Need to lose weight!

Here is a diet used by many models world wide. I recommend this diet to loss weight quick and in a short term, no more than a month. I know people that have lost over 10 pounds in a week, and please do take vitamin supplements to keep wealthy.


  • Tuna, in water (not in oil). Make sure that you get the tuna with the lowest percentage of sodium
  • Pineapple (natural, keep the skin for the water)
  • lemon
  • pepper
  • onion
  • multivitamin
  • pineapple water

Tuna, Light, Canned In Water has a nutrition grade of b+. Tuna is really high in protein and low in fat

Good points,

Natural Pineapple, has a nutrition grade A. Its a high diuretic which increase the discharge of urine, helping us get ride of extra water retention, and toxins

Good points

The diet consist of eating only tuna and pineapple, you can eat as many time as you require. The only thing you can add to the tuna is lemon, onion and pepper to give it some extra flavor. Some people like to mix the pineapple inside the tuna, which adds a little sweetness to it. TAKE YOUR MULTIVITAMIN as directed on product.

It is ideal if you take only Pineapple water, you make the water by taking a whole pineapple skin and boiling with around 1 liter of water from 20-30min; you will see that the water turns yellow, if you happen to run out of water you can have green tea which is another diuretic.

This is it for a quick high results diet. It is important that when you reach your desire weight and going back to your regular diet, to do so slow, eating high in proteins and vegetables. and low in carbohydrates.

Please let me know how it goes,  leave comments.

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