Brian Stann Talks Chael Sonnen, Physical Evolutio

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Brian Stann is a respectable man, there’s no arguing that. Having said such, he’s certainly not one to be intimidated, and he seems prepared for whatever fate has to toss his way. Speaking with, Stann reassured fans that mind games just won’t work on the war vet and that he’s certainly prepared to take on Chael Sonnen this weekend.

“Nobody can mess with my mind. I’m stronger than any fighter in the UFC mentally. I think that having spoken with Chael, literally two weeks before we were matched up to face each other, I think his feelings are genuine and I think when he does dislike a guy, he’s genuine about it. He’s simply the kind of guy who says things that are on his mind. he doesn’t hold back.

Man if you think that fight (vs. Massenzio) was Brian Stann 2.0, I am leaps and bounds better than that fighter. That was over a year ago and I am 10 times better than that fighter now and I have a very well-rounded submission game from working with my jiu-jitsu coach Roberto Traven who’s one of the best in the world. I’ve been training with him for years and in between fights I put a gi on and I train gi jiu-jitsu. I did several gi jiu-jitsu training camps with his team for the world Pan Am games so I feel very well prepared to fight off my back and do the things I’m gonna have to do for this fight.

My wrestling has grown by leaps and bounds and this fight is gonna be an opportunity for me to showcase some of those things. I feel that I am the best prepared opponent Chael will have had in years. I think a lot of the guys watching his fights, they went in there and they really focused on what they were doing and they didn’t focus on things he was really good at and they weren’t prepared for some of the positions he put them in.”

Stann and Sonnen collide on the main card of this weekend’s UFC 136.


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