“WE WANT YOU TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” 2012 Calendar with @andreaCalle and @MsLaeannAmos

please take a moment of your time and watch this videos.


Have you taken the time to thank and support your troops? Well, now is time. Two of Miami most beautiful and talented ladies have joined team to support our troops. “We want you to support our troops” 2012 Calendar with Andrea Calle and Laeann Amos.

For all of you that do not know this two women, Laeann Amos and Andrea Calle are one of the most promising and prolific talents in broadcasting, entertainment media, and modeling today. Laeann, while marking her territory in the industry, is also pursing a degree in communications/ broadcasting from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Laeann’s bright and compelling personality is as evident on camera as it is in person- enhancing her already formidable ability to communicate and relate to an audience. Laeann is on a mission to teach young women that though beauty is appealing, brains are important. Woman are capable of being more than just another mute beauty. Laeann is making her presence felt in many different outlets. Andrea, is a woman with values, that has dedicated her life developing a strong and rounded character. Always believing that education is a big foundation to anything you want to pursue in life. She acquire a bachelor degree in international finance and marketing from University of Miami, and radio and tv broadcasting degree from Connecticut School of broadcasting. Andrea now dedicated her life, to her passion. She is the host of two radio shows, and the producer of other shows for charity purposes.

Being that these two great women share similar passion they have gotten together for a magnificent cause. “We want you to support our troops” 2012 Calendar. A calendar inspired in our troops and part of the profits will be going to a charity that helps our troops and there families. Companies,  veterans, and anyone that want to be part of this amazing cause is more than welcome to contact us.

if you like to be part of this project, contact our team at


and thank you all for your support.



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