What do you have next to you, a girl or a woman?

The difference between girls and women:


  • Girls want to control their man’s life. Women know that if the man is really theirs there is no need of controlling
  • Girls yell because her man hasn’t call, women is too busy to notice her man hasn’t called her
  • Girls are scared of being alone. Women use alone time for personal development
  • Girls ignores the good men. Women ignore bad men
  • Girls will make you comeback home. The women makes you WANT to comeback home.
  • Girls leave her agenda open waiting for her men call to make plans. The woman, makes plans and with love shares it with her man so he can integrate to them as his better convenience.
  • Girls monopolizes the time of there men, The  woman notice that some time, makes of time just something special.
  • Girls that have been hurt make other men pay for that. The woman know that it was just that guy.
  • Girls fall in love and seek with stop. The woman, knows that some time the one you love will not love you back and she continues her path with out hate.
  • Girls will read this and laugh about it, the woman will pass it on to another woman.

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