Have a Media player for your play list in your blog!

Considering that when you do not have a self hosted wordpress blog you can not have plug ins, i found a very simple way to do so. i wanted a media player that had the options of showing the playlist, and that could be edited so it would look good. I found a widget that makes this able, and really easy to do. This widget is  box.net

Follow this steps:

  1. Go to Box.net and open a free account
  2. when you create the account show playlist
  3. It will ask you to upload 3 file
  4. after you feel in everything to set up the account it will give you a HTML
  5. Come to your blog
  6. go to Appearance
  7. widgets
  8. drag the widget “box.net file sharing” to the sidebar or lower bar where you want to place your media player
  9. paste the html code that you copy from the box.net page
  10. then put the height an wight that you would life
  11. publish it
  12. your visitors have the option of changing he view on the player.




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