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Combate Americas, comesback with Andrea Calle

When UFC co-founder Campbell McLaren created the Hispanic-market-oriented reality show Combate Americas, he selected Andrea Calle as the host. Sepa por que ella es perfecta para el trabajo en este mini documental.


3rd Annual Florida MMA Awards

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On February 28th 2015, the Florida MMA community reunited at the New Port Hotel in sunny isles, for a night of recognition, at the 3rd annual  Florida MMA awards. Awards like best MMA web site, best MMA amateur fighter, Female fighter of the year, male fighter of the year, best KO of the year, between many more, were awarded that night. Our one and only Andrea Calle was nominated for ” best MMA media correspondent” and received a very special recognition for “MMA Woman of the year”. The website Authority MMA was nominated for “Best MMA website”


Andrea Calle Stretching Toward Boobtastic Greatness Working Out in the Park

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Andrea Calle isn’t just preparing to join the hot body competition in Miami, she’s sweating to make it happen. And, blessedly, she’s doing so in stretch pants and a cleavetastic sports bra in the park right near the beach. Give the competition a little something to worry about which each leg stretch and deep asstastic bend, knowing what it will mean when she dons the bikini at some point this week to stake her claim to the title on the beach.

The Colombiana sextastic sports reporter knows the beach battle will be stiff, so she needs to be limber. Seeing her reverse crabs I have no doubt she’s ready to take her racktastic straight to the surf and wage head to head, err body to body battle. Winter is heating up in Miami, one hottie in stretch pants in the park at a time. Loving life. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash