(photos+media call) UFC 154 countdown: George St Pierre vs Carlos Condit

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, interim UFC welterweight champion and UFC President Dana White spoke to the media ahead of UFC 154 on November 17th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They discussed GSP’s return, Condit being overlooked and if a win by St-Pierre means a superfight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is next.

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(video) UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Condit – Episode 2

As Georges St-Pierre prepares to re-enter the Octagon a better athlete than ever before, Carlos Condit steels himself to defend the belt he earned in GSP’s absence.



(video) UFC 154: GSP is reborn- recovery

The champion of welterweight. went through a long and hard recuperation after his injury. He himself tells us the story of how it was and how he feels to go back in the Octagon


UFC Fans: Dana White, and UFC fighters thank the fans

“Their is no sport in the world, where the fans are as amazing, as dedicated, as passionate, and as awesome as you guys are. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Mixed martial arts, isn’t going anywhere, it’s only getting bigger, we can not be denied, we will not be denied, this sport is going to be the biggest thing in the world”


Poll: Prospect of UFC Superfights

Michael Bisping admitted he would like to see superfights like Silva vs GSP, and Jones vs JDS. What superfights would you like to see? vote now:


UFC President Dana White “No Regrets” On Jon Jones Rant

Brock Lesnar Vs. Fedor: Dream Fight To Come True?

Anderson Silva Versus Georges St-Pierre: The Super Fight

Dana White “I Haven’t Talked To Jon Jones Since The Incident”

UFC President Dana White “No Regrets” On Jon Jones Rant


Morning Report: Dana White Says Anderson Silva vs. GSP Catchweight Superfight Likely After Condit

By Shaun Al-Shatti- Staff Writer

Scott Cunningham, Getty Images

Scott Cunningham, Getty Images

Aug 22, 2012 – A superfight between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and middleweight champion Anderson Silva has long been the holy grail to fight fans, with the hype stretching as far back as 2007. Both men have reigned supreme over their respective divisions for years, yet a myriad of complications have prevented the match-up from ever coming to fruition.

Only now it seems like we’re closer than ever. Not only have St-Pierre and Silva each voiced their desire to fight one another in recent weeks, yesterday afternoon UFC President Dana White let loose a tidbit that could settle one of the longest-running sticking points: the weight at which the superfight would be contested.

“I think that if we do the fight with (Anderson Silva) and Georges St-Pierre, it would be at a catchweight,” White revealed on Las Vegas’ Dave & Mahoney Show. “Probably like 178 (pounds), something like that.”

White went on to say that St-Pierre strongly wants the Silva fight, but before anything can be set in stone, “Rush” must first defeat interim UFC welterweight champion Carlos Condit this November.

Finally, the big question was put to White: if St-Pierre successfully unifies the 170-pound titles, is Anderson Silva the next man in line? And though he often plays coy in these situations, this time Dana was surprisingly upfront with his answer.

“Probably. He’s got to beat Condit first though.”



BTS of what happened in UFC 145 Jones vs Evas

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UFC on FX 2’s Thiago Alves reflects on 2009 loss to GSP, ready to “break” Martin Kampmann

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


Thiago Alves has been to the top of the heap in the UFC’s welterweight division, getting his crack at UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre on the biggest event the company has had to date at UFC 100. However, Alves was thoroughly dominated for 25 minutes in the fight, losing a decision to GSP.

Since that fight in 2009, he’s struggled to get back to the top, going just 2-2 in his last four fights. The most recent of those fights was an excellent performance against Papy Abedi, though, where he notched his first-ever submission victory in the UFC. Now, he meets Martin Kampmann this Friday night in the main event of UFC on FX 2 in Australia, and hopes to get himself back up the rankings with a big performance.

“The Thiago Alves that fought GSP was not prepared to fight at that level at all,” Alves said in an interview with MMAWeekly.com. “I beat all the guys, I earned the title shot, not like most of the people that fought for the title that fought one guy. I actually cleaned out the welterweight division except (Jon) Fitch. But for that fight I didn’t prepare myself well, mentally I wasn’t prepared for that kind of pressure. The magnitude of the show.”

“That was part of the process. I know my future’s going to be beautiful; it’s going to be bright. It was just part of the process to get to that state of mind that I have right now. Everything changed in my life. I live just for the fight.”

Alves believes he’s got an advantage over Kampmann in many areas, and sees this fight to be in his favor in a big way.

“I know I’ve got the power and explosion advantage. We’re going to try and break Martin Kampmann,” Alves said. “It doesn’t matter where the fight goes. It’s going to be my fight. I’m very concerned with what I’m going to do to him. I’m going to try to break him whether it’s in the stand-up or on the ground.”

“I have all the respect in the world for Martin Kampmann and his camp, but I truly believe that I’m going to break him, it doesn’t matter where the fight goes.”

Penick’s Analysis: Alves has the tools to be one of the best fighters at 170 lbs., but he’s got some holes in his game that he hasn’t completely shored up. He’s had a couple uneven performances in the Octagon over the last few years, and hasn’t fought up to his potential to this point in his career. The Abedi fight saw him take out an overmatched opponent, and it will be much more impressive if he can do something similar to a fighter on Kampmann’s level. He’s only 28-years-old, and if he can put everything together he absolutely can stay in the mix at the top for years to come, but he has to show that he can be consistent with that before anyone can take a ton of stock in him.

GSP Talks Penn Vs. Diaz, Says Penn Will Win


By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

With an injury forcing him out of the main event of UFC 137, Georges St. Pierre will now sit and watch from the sidelines as BJ Penn and Nick Diaz take over the top of the card with a welterweight fight that could see the winner earn himself the next shot at St. Pierre’s 170lbs title.

St. Pierre spoke to Canada’s Sportsnet over the weekend about the switch up and he gave his thoughts on the new main event in the process:

“I think BJ Penn will win the fight because I believe he has more skills. If he uses all his set of skills, then BJ Penn will win. But, the thing with BJ Penn is sometimes you don’t know what BJ Penn will show up to the fight. If he’s well prepared or injured – I don’t know. Sometimes, I saw him perform very well at the best of his ability he’s the best guy. But when he doesn’t perform at the best of his ability he can be beat. Nick Diaz is very consistent, he has a similar style of fighting all the time. But, I believe if the right BJ Penn shows up, he’ll win the fight.”